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Fever (#2 Chemical Garden Trilogy)

Author: Lauren Destefano

Date Published: February 21st, 2012

Pages: 341


     Running away brings Rhine and Gabriel right into a trap, in the form of a twisted carnival whose ringmistress keeps watch over a menagerie of girls. Just as Rhine uncovers what plans await her, her fortune turns again. With Gabriel at her side, Rhine travels through an environment as grim as the one she left a year ago - surroundings that mirror her own feelings of fear and hopelessness.

     The two are determined to get to Manhattan, to relative safety with Rhine’s twin brother, Rowan. But the road there is long and perilous - and in a world where young women only live to age twenty and young men die at twenty-five, time is precious. Worse still, they can’t seem to elude Rhine’s father-in-law, Vaughn, who is determined to bring Rhine back to the any means necessary.

     In the sequel to Lauren DeStefano’s harrowing Wither, Rhine must decide if freedom is worth the price - now that she has more to lose than ever.

Genre: Dystopian Romance

My Review:

     I was disappointed with Fever. I thought it was going to be as spectacular as Wither, boy was I wrong.  I guess I just wanted more out of it, I didn't get what I was expecting.  Don't get me wrong, it was beautifully written. I love Lauren Destefano's writing. It's like I'm reading poetry throughout the entire book; beautiful, flowing, majestic poetry.
     One of the things that bothered me about this book was that a lot of it centered around the scarlet district (which is a sort of place where older guys can take advantage of young girls.), I didn't like the idea, kinda creepy.  Also, I know that the name of the book is Fever,  but I kind of thought it weird that she was sick for pretty much the whole entire book.  She was basically only relieved when she finally went back to Vaughn, which I thought had a weird symbolism attached to it.  That he was the only one who could really save her and yet he was the one that was also killing her at the same time. Weird.
     From the moment that Madame told Rhine that she reminded her of her daughter I knew exactly who it was, I was just waiting for Rhine and Gabriel to figure it out. It's so obvious! (Of course I won't tell you who it is, I wouldn't want to spoil the book for you.)  I still can't believe that I took them so long to figure it out. I feel like, although her writing is beautiful, Lauren Desefano makes somethings a little too obvious.
      I was a little disappointed in Rhine, I mean really? Did she really think that her brother would have stayed their the whole time she was away? Keeping a vigil or her?  How could she seriously believe that?  The description of her brother throughout the whole first book told us that he was strong and that he was relentless.  So he obviously (sorry I'm using that word so much) wouldn't stay and wait for Rhine to return. He would go looking for her. That's the real Rowan.
     One thing that I thought was unbearably cute (in a good way) was Rhine and Gabriel's relationship.  I was just waiting for them to be together.  He's so much better for her than Linden was, in so many ways.  So... for now...

My Rating: ★★★

Happy Reading,
Alivia :)

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