Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Light (Gone #6)

Author: Michael Grant

Publication Date: April 2nd, 2013

Pages: 411


     In the time since every person over the age of fourteen disappeared from the town of Perdido Beach, California, countless battles have been fought: battles against hunger and lies and plague, and epic battles of good against evil. And now, the gaiaphage has been reborn as Diana's malicious mutant daughter, Gaia. Gaia is endlessly hungry for destruction. She yearns to conquer her Nemesis, Little Pete, and then bend the entire world to her warped will. As long-standing enemies become allies, secrets are revealed and unexpected sacrifices are made. Will their attempts to save themselves and one another matter in the end, or will the kids of Perdido Beach perish in this final power struggle?

Genre: Science Fiction


    Every feel like you're being suffocated just thinking of something super sad. That's the way I felt pretty much throughout this whole book. So stinkin' sad and depressing and heart-wrenching and it made me want to write Michael Grant hate mail. That was before I read the aftermath. Now I want to send Michael Grant love mail, he truly is a genius, he's not afraid to be different from other YA authors. That's why he's my favorite author.  I'm not just saying that either, I really believe that he is the best author of all time ever.  Love him, love him, love him!
     One thing I hated about this book was that Michael Grant decided to kill my favorite character. Why, why, why, why, why!!! When they died, I had to keep on reading the pages over and over to make sure that I had read it right.  I was too shocked to even cry, and I was on an airplane so it wasn't like I could randomly scream and have a fit, or curl up into a ball and cry in a corner. Nope, I had to have no expressions.  The book got sad 60% of the way through, exactly, because that was where my all time favorite character died.  Just after she was healed she had to go join the fight and defeat Gaia, only Gaia ended up defeating her, a hole right through the heart. Four people total of my favorite characters died. I never expected two of them to die, the other I could kind of see happening. But that doesn't mean that I was okay with it! I died four different times, that's an accomplishment.
     There were a couple of things that I did totally not expect to happen, and I congratulate you Michael Grant because I am the queen of knowing what's going to happen next. You caught me. Good job.
      This book was the perfect end to an amazing series, my favorite series for that matter. The love that I contain for this series is indescribable.  I laughed, cried, died right along with the series all while wanting to throw the book across the room.  I won't be able to live without this book series, I'm dead series. Every time I even think about it I die inside again.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.  Now, I really want to be able to actually say characters names so the rest of this review will be chock-full of spoilers. Do not read on if you haven't read this series.


     Commence the start of my real review!  The four people that I died with would have to be Brianna, Jack, Orc, and, and, and CAINE!!!!!!! WHY!!!!! The people that I saw dying were Jack and Caine. I never imagined in a million, trillion, gazillion years that Brianna or Orc would die. They were my top two favorite character. I loved Orc's character development, he started out so bad then he realized all of the things that he was doing wrong and went to being a Christian. Can you imagine the faith that it would take to believe in God in a place like the FAYZ where there was death everywhere and no place to escape. Even Astrid and Brittney lost their faith.  And Brianna, everybody loves The Breeze. The hardest part was Dekka. She did not deserve that, neither did Breeze for that matter. But they were just about to get out of the place and then Breeze up and DIES!!!!!! YOU KILLED MY FAVORITE CHARACTER MICHAEL GRANT!!!! But I love you all the same because I can tell a good author from a bad author by who he or she kills off. Just like how James Patterson never killed any of his characters, not a good author. That's beyond the point. Breeze, machete swingin', faster than a speeding bullet, fun lovin' Breeze. BREEZE. Breeze, my favorite character just had to die. I'm still mad at Michael Grant I know I've said all of this already and I know I'll probably say it again. My Breeze, The Breeze, everybody loves The Breeze. I'll never be able to describe the wind as a gentle breeze anymore because Breeze was anything but gentle. She was butt kickin', BA, cool as ice while still managing to be on fire. She will be in my heart forever, and I know that I could go on for the rest of this review just talking about Breeze and how much I miss her. How can I just leave the FAYZ? You may have said that I'm free to leave the FAYZ, Michael Grant, but I know I can't. I won't leave the FAYZ. I will honor the characters with the simple things I do in life. I will commemorate The Breeze, Orc, King Caine, Computer Jack, Justin, Dahra, E.Z., Cigar, Orsay, Bouncing Bette, Howard, Hunter, Alex, even Drake/Brittney, and everyone else. There is a time when one must go on with life, that time hasn't come yet maybe it won't ever. Who really knows? 

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★(Out of my usual five stars...)

Happy Reading,
Alivia (No smiley face can explain my feelings right now.)

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